Marilia   May 09, 2020

Our gallery has been updated with HD screencaptures from ‘The Mandalorian’ Season One and the first episode of Disney Gallery: The Mandarolian. Enjoy it!

PPN006.jpg PPN005.jpg PPN002.jpg PPN001.jpg

DGTheMandalorianEP01-004.jpg DGTheMandalorianEP01-011.jpg DGTheMandalorianEP01-053.jpg DGTheMandalorianEP01-049.jpg

Filmography: Television Projects > 2019 – The Mandalorian > Season 1 > Screencaptures
Filmography: Television Projects > 2020 – Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian > Episode 01: “Directing”


  Marilia   May 09, 2020

Hello! I’m glad to tell you our gallery is almost completed. I’ve update it with HD screencaptures of Graceland screencaptures where Pedro played Agent Juan Badillo.

GracelandS01E02-0085.jpg GracelandS01E03-0045.jpg GracelandS01E07-0007.jpg GracelandS01E09-0256.jpg

Filmography: Television Projects > 2013 – Graceland > Season 1
  Marilia   February 22, 2020

Hello, everyone! Our gallery was updated with pictures of Pedro during 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards last month. Enjoy!

pedropascalnetwork_NetflixSAGAfterParty_064.jpg pedropascalnetwork_NetflixSAGAfterParty_067.jpg pedropascalnetwork_NetflixSAGAfterParty_069.jpg pedropascalnetwork_NetflixSAGAfterParty_074.jpg
pedropascalnetwork_SAGAwards-Show_079.jpg pedropascalnetwork_SAGAwards-Show_097.jpg pedropascalnetwork_SAGAwards-Show_098.jpg pedropascalnetwork_SAGAwards-Audience_078.jpg

Appearances & Public Events > 2020 > January 19: 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
Appearances & Public Events > 2020 > January 19: 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards – Show
Appearances & Public Events > 2020 > January 19: 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards – Audience


  Rory   February 12, 2020

Pedro Pascal, ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ castmates Gal Gadot, Chris Pine and Kristen Wiig with director Patty Jenkins for Entertainment Weekly

  Rory   December 08, 2019

Diana Prince is back once again in Wonder Woman 1984, and we finally have a look at footage from the film. As part of Brazil’s CCXP convention, Warner Bros. released the first official trailer for Wonder Woman 1984, which you can check out below with Pedro Pascal playing Maxwell Lord.

We also have updated our gallery with a brand new poster and screencaptures from the trailer:

Wonder Woman 1984 > Posters
Wonder Woman 1984 > Screencaptures: Official Trailer
  Marilia   October 20, 2019

Disney helded the first press conference to The Mandalorian. Our gallery was updated with HQ images, enjoy!

PPN012.jpg PPN002.jpg PPN014.jpg PPN015.jpg
PPN004.jpg PPN010.jpg PPN013.jpg PPN019.jpg

Appearances & Public Events > 2019 > October 19: Press conference for the Disney+ Exclusive Series “The Mandalorian”
Appearances & Public Events > 2019 > October 19: The Mandalorian Press Conference