Marilia   August 03, 2017

Kingsman: The Golden Circle has been tasked with introducing a slew of new characters to the world first established by Kingsman: The Secret Service in 2014.

While the British Kingsman spies are well established by now, The Golden Circle will bring an American equivalent, of sorts, to this cinematic world. The group is called the Statesman, with a slew of talented A-list actors rounding out the bunch. Among them is Game of Thrones alum Pedro Pascal who will be playing the role of Agent Whiskey.

While Pascal couldn’t share too many spoiler-heavy details of his character, he was ready to open up about the action sequences with which he will be a part of while speaking to

“My character’s extremely, extremely physical and very prop heavy. I know how to use a lot of different things as weapons. That’s what I’ll say,” Pascal said, adding, “I’m a handy man!”

Last month, during the Kingsman: The Golden Circle panel at San Diego Comic Con, Pascal went into more detail about his very specific weapon of a choice. “I was in training with some cowboy experts and learned how to use the lasso,” Pascal said. “That was my favorite bit, the whip. How many people out there have cracked a whip properly?…You can injure yourself, that’s for sure.”

“I was good at the whip. It’s my specialty.”

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