Milene   September 21, 2017

Kingsman: The Golden Circle might feature a former Catwoman, but another of the film’s stars felt connected to the character on set.

The Golden Circle’s various promotional material has already given fans a look at Jack Daniels/Whiskey (Pedro Pascal), a Statesman agent whose weapon of choice is a whip. In an interview with, Pascal recalled a certain instance of using the prop on set, which made him feel like the whip-toting DC Comics character. Check it out in the clip above!

“I’m telling you, I had a Catwoman moment.” Pascal explained. “It’s a different Catwoman [than co-star Halle Berry’s portrayal]. But there was a Catwoman moment on set where in one take, I had to crack the whip and hit a bag of dust. If I hit the bag of dust, it would help the shot, because it would have just [exploded], as if the floor was sort of like exploding with the sound of the crack.”

While that task might sound daunting, Pascal ended up nailing the scene very easily – and audiences have already seen the end result.

“I got it!” Pascal revealed. “It’s in the movie, it’s in the trailer, take one. And that was the real whip, and the real Pedro Pascal.”

But as Pascal explained, not every The Golden Circle stunt was as easy for him.

“I did my best with the lasso.” Pascal added. “I really tried. But when it came to catching knives midair… I know how to swing it around, you know? You can put a little heavy object at the end of the rope, and I could swing it around like a pro. But there’s plenty of… we didn’t actually have an electric lasso, so we did have some VFX there.”


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