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  Marilia   October 14, 2018

Our gallery has been updated with HD scans from the October issue of GQ Mexico featuring Pedro Pascal.

pedropascalcom_gqmexiconoct2018_002.jpg pedropascalcom_gqmexiconoct2018_003.jpg pedropascalcom_gqmexiconoct2018_004.jpg pedropascalcom_gqmexiconoct2018_005.jpg

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  Marilia   October 26, 2017

Pedro Pascal is the cover of GQ Mexico’s new issue (november). The photoshoot used to this issue was the same taken by Giampaolo Sgura for GQ Spain’s September issue. During the announcement that GQ wrote this week, they describe the new issue:

After observing – and sometimes suffering – all sorts of “unfortunate” situations (to use a euphemism) during the last months in the world: earthquakes, terrorist attacks, political radicalism, etc., we decided to tackle this November with a look more hopeful.

And talking about Pedro, they said:

The one that has nothing artificial intelligence, but rather quite and very human, is the Chilean-American actor Pedro Pascal, who, from our cover, describes how he is reaching the stratosphere of film stardom after his participation in titles such as Game of Thrones , Narcos and Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

I’m not sure if you can find it on stands in the U.S, please if you know if it’s avaliable, let us know and we’re going to edit this post to inform other fans. Scans and the new photoshoot will be added to our gallery soon.

  Marilia   August 24, 2017

Pedro Pascal is on the cover of the newest GQ Spain issue (September) with a photoshoot by Giampaolo Sgura. He talks about Narcos season 3 and his friendship with Miguel Angel Silvestre, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and his old projects: Game of Thrones & Sia’s Fire meets Gasolina video Clip.

You can find the scans on our gallery and we hope to translate the full interview soon.

PPN001.jpg PPN005.jpg PPN006.jpg PPN007.jpg

  Milene   August 23, 2017

So far, Denzel Washington was the only actor in the first division Hollywood without sequels or franchise in his IMDb listing. ‘The Equalizer’ changed all that: premiered in 2014, this urban thriller put him in the shoes of Robert McCall, a character originally created for a television series more eighty than the ties-piano. The actor has already advanced during the promotion that McCall is the only character who left him wanting more, the only one whose story did not feel that it had already been fully told. In other words: ‘The Equalizer 2’ was a matter of time.

Details are still sparse, but we know Washington will once again have Antoine Fuqua, one of their fetish directors, commanding revenge fire from behind the cameras. And today it has been confirmed exactly who is going to avenge old McCall this time: Pedro Pascal, the cover of our brand new September issue . We do not believe in the stars, but there are times when you have to wonder if the universe will not have a great plan for all of us.

Pascal has two bombs ready for fall: the second installment of ‘Kingsman’ , in which he plays the brilliantly-named Agent Whiskey, and the third season of ‘Narcos’. The producers of ‘The Equalizer 2’ have confirmed that their character will be decidedly on the other side of the law, then we can expect to be applied a most severe correction at the hands of Denzel in person. If you want to know more about one of the fashionable actors in the new Hollywood, in addition to seeing how they have some of the most wet suits made by the human being, we recommend running to your nearest kiosk.

Source: GQ Magazine