Rory   April 04, 2019

Our gallery was updated with screencaptures of Pedro’s scenes as Pietro Alvarez in “If Beale Street Could Talk”!

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  Marilia   March 12, 2019

Triple Frontier stars Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet’s most searched questions about themselves.

  Marilia   March 10, 2019 – Fans may have been pleased with their show-stopping shirtless beach pics, but the hunks of Triple Frontier weren’t so thrilled when they saw their buff bods making headlines!

ET’s Nischelle Turner thanked Ben Affleck and his Triple Frontier co-stars for the hot pics while catching up with the actors ahead of the action-thriller’s premiere on Wednesday.

“You’re welcome. No-one was happier than us,” Affleck responded as the rest of the guys burst into laughter.

“They told us that was a private beach!” Garrett Hedlund explained of the snaps, which were taken in Hawaii in March 2018, while the actors were in town to shoot the film.

After seeing the images go public, it seems some of the stars were quietly cringing.

“I mean, they were humiliating,” Charlie Hunnam said. “We’re in our Speedos, like wrestling!”

“Marginally more humiliating for you, but I still got my share,” Hunnam added after Hedlund pointed out he was on the bottom of the wrestling scenario.

The fun photos captured the close bond formed by the lads while shooting the Netflix film, which follows a group of former special op soldiers who set to rob a South American drug cartel of millions of dollars.

  Marilia   March 05, 2019

Pedro was photographed during the Triple Frontier Photocall which took place on March 3rd in New York. You can check out the photos in the gallery now.

PPN002.jpg PPN008.jpg PPN019.jpg PPN018.jpg

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  Marilia   March 04, 2019

On March 3rd, Pedro and his co-stars attended the World Premiere of Netflix’s Original Film Triple Frontier in New York. You can check out over 300 high quality photos in the gallery now!

PPN040.jpg PPN097.jpg PPN053.jpg PPN093.jpg
PPN006.jpg PPN005.jpg PPN008.jpg

Appearances & Public Events > 2019 > March 03: ‘Triple Frontier’ New York Premiere
Appearances & Public Events > 2019 > March 03: ‘Triple Frontier’ New York Premiere – Inside
  Marilia   January 27, 2019

Hello, Pedro fans! Pedro attended the ‘I Am The Night’ New York Premiere alongside his Wonder Woman co-star to support Chris Pine. Our gallery has been updated with HQ images, enjoy!

pedropascalcom_001.jpg pedropascalcom_004.jpg pedropascalcom_006.jpg pedropascalcom_010.jpg

Appearances & Public Events > 2019 > January 22: ‘I Am The Night’ New York Premiere