Marilia   August 02, 2018

  Marilia   August 02, 2018

Vanity Fair made a funny video of Pedro teaching you Spanglish slang words. Watch it below!

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  Marilia   July 20, 2018

Hello, friends. We’ve been so lucky this month! Pedro is featuring on GQ’s July Issue and now it was released his interview and more outtakes. Pedro discussed his role in Equalizer 2, about his parents leaving his home country Chile as political refugees when he was only an infant and more.

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Pedro Pascal has noticed my sniffling. “Do you have allergies?” he asks. “You have a cold? Or do you have a cocaine problem?” It’s spring, the season when our bodies rebel against us. I tell him about the allergies I’ve had since I was a kid. He tells me to get a neti pot.

“I love drugs,” he says, pausing to make sure I know he’s talking about the over-the-counter kind, but for him, nothing’s worked better than that weird-ass contraption. “It’s kind of gross, but it really, really helps.” He offers to text me a photo so I know what to get at the drugstore.

“I’ve been to such extreme locations,” the star says from Oahu, where he’s filming a scene he describes as “survivalist.” This latest role, in a movie he can’t share the title of, is kicking his ass, and at 43, he’s feeling it. “My body is like, Dude, you were down for this ten years ago! When are you gonna play a psychiatrist?” Hawaii is good to him, though. “At the end of the day, it’s a caress being here. There aren’t any snakes, there’s no deadly spiders. It rains a lot, but it’s never cold. The locals are just too cool. It’s the kinda place where you get your ass kicked if you’re an asshole.”

Read the full interview over at GQ

  Marilia   July 19, 2018

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  Marilia   July 19, 2018

On set interview with Pedro Pascal where he talks about various aspects of the movie.

  Marilia   July 19, 2018

Hello, Pedro fans! We’re celebrating the first anniversary of our site that was lauched on July 20 last year. For the celebration, we have a new layout made by our friend Nicole. Also, as part of the celebration we’re going to update our gallery through the week with scans, new screencaptures with better quality and much more. Hope you guys like it as much as we did.